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Legends and Supergirl

We got the synopsis for Legends earlier and now we get a trailer and the other day we got a trailer for Supergirl. How do these two shows look?

Supergirl2_0I’ve been waiting for this one since it was first announced and the trailer doesn’t disappoint. A couple of the key questions are answered (how Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance is alive and will Firestorm appear) but there are some others that are added. Lots of great scenes (ATOM SHRINKING!!!). The appearance by Oliver Queen and Barry Allen help set this firmly in the shared universe. Vandal Savage as the villain? Yep. Hawkgirl? Just enough tidbits to make us really interested in her. The latino hero mentioned is missing.

This should be a great show. The cast is phenomenal. I do wish Heatwave and Captain Cold got new outfits, but I love both characters and the actors do a great job.

DC is doing great with TV (too bad the movies don’t look like they’ll be as good) and I’m glad they’re expanding the Arrow/Flash shared universe. Now if we can just get a Suicide Squad show….

I haven’t been as excited for Supergirl as I am the other show and this really didn’t change that view. It looks fun. A lot of fun. But there’s some cheese to it and some 80s sitcom elements. The tone is okay. It’s Supergirl, it shouldn’t be dark. Benoist does okay as Kara, but I don’t buy her as Supergirl.

I’ll watch this but it’ll need to be pretty special to get me to watch it.

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